A Decade of Love

Time. It creeps up on you. Ten years. A decade. In the weeks before her tenth birthday I found myself watching Mojo with the kind of mesmerised reverie that I used to indulge in when she was a baby, the kind usually reserved for times when I’m worrying about her or we’re in hospital. I … Read More

a whole lot of HIPSTORY

It’s when they are asleep isn’t it? When you find yourself staring in awe at the tiny humans you created and wondering how it’s possible to love anyone as much as you love them, that all-consuming, overwhelming, wave of love you feel when you watch them sleep.

How’s the head?

‘Yes I agree you need help to cope with impact caring is having on your mental health, so give us a call when your caring responsibilities are less and you have time to commit to therapy, bye.’


On the wall of Mojo’s bedroom is a picture by my ridiculously talented friend Katie. It is one of my favourite things in our home. It’s an extract from the Emily Dickinson poem ‘Hope is the thing with feathers’. The art is beautiful and the words are beautiful and it, for me completely embodies how … Read More

Carer Mental Health

On Tuesday of last week I sat in my car in the pouring rain taking a scheduled call from NHS talking therapies. It was essentially a triage service to see what they could do for me. The lady on the other end of the call gently asked what had caused me to reach out for … Read More