About Me

Hi, thanks for dropping by to find out a bit more about me!

To cover the basics, I’m Lizzie, mother of three spectacular children. Our eldest changed my life more than the average first born and she’s still keeping me on my toes ten years later. 

I once held down a glamourous (notsomuch) job in Event Management where I genuinely lost sleep about per head drinks allocations, cloakrooms and chair covers.

A few days after I first found out that the baby I was carrying had a life-limiting condition I sat at my computer and started to write. It was cathartic, it was therapeutic and I didn’t think much of it, but then I continued writing and people started to talk to me about what I was writing and following our story.

Ten years later and I’m still writing but my gaze has moved up a little and rather than simply documenting our life I’m now writing about things that matter most to families living with a disabled child. My aim is to offer an insight into the realities of daily life and offer the benefit of a first hand account to anyone who may be able to use one.

I’ve been very fortunate to have the chance to be an advocate for families like ours by working with some amazing charities. I’ve spoken about our experiences at fundraisers and presented our story at a conference for care professionals.

I’ve taken part in research projects and given interviews for books about carer mental health.


I’m always keen to get involved so please don’t hesitate to contact me here with any opportunities or questions.

I was really proud to be interviewed by The Sunday Times regarding financial struggles for parents facing a full time career role. Article Link: Caring for your seriously ill child is so hard, then the bills come in

Read my Mumsnet Guest Post in the wake of the Zika Crisis: My baby has Microcephaly, but she’s not defective.


Speaking on behalf of Small Steps Charity at a White Collar Boxing event (in a very inappropriate skirt to get in and out of a boxing ring in)

Finalist in the Pre-School category of the 2016 MAD Blog Awards