About Mojo

Our amazing, spectacular, miraculous Mojo.

To encapsulate Mojo in a paragraph is impossible. I have a huge pile of labels, diagnosis, brackets, centiles and titles given to her by professionals but Mojo is so very much more than any of that.

Mojo was born with Semi Lobar Holoprosencephaly, Microcephaly, Diabetes Insipidus and various movement disorders affecting all four of her limbs. She has PMLD (Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities). She is gastrostomy fed and uses a wheelchair. She is on a raft of medications and under the care of Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Speech and Language Therapists and Music Therapists. She attends a special school where she makes amazing progress.

Whilst all of the above defines our daily routine, the personality driving it all is what defines the life we live.

Mojo is funny, really genuinely, comic timing funny with a deep appreciation of slapstick. To quote her most recent school report ‘ she is known throughout the school for her sense of humour’. She is talented, musical, clever and hardworking. She is loving, caring, kind and generous. She loves all the things your average 5 year old loves, Disney, Little Mix, Dancing, playing with her friends, those bloody unboxing videos on YouTube.

Mojo is a very effective communicator, using Makaton, vocalisations and a communication book to make herself understood. As with many children with disabilities it is easy for someone unfamiliar with her to underestimate her, but I don’t recommend that you do, she has a habit of going out of her way to prove people wrong.