Hospital Hangover

My head hurts. You know when you get to an age that hangovers last for three days and you are forced to adjust your boozing behaviours accordingly. A hospital hangover feels very much the same. Dehydration, exhaustion, nausea, dizziness and difficulty stringing a sentence together. There is also the added sense of injustice that all … Read More

Morning haze and zoo days

When Mojo wakes up in the morning she cries, little sobs to start with gaining strength the longer it takes us to reach her. It’s quite heartbreaking sometimes. I commented to my husband that I hate how it takes her so long to wake up properly in the morning. He laughed.  ‘She wakes up EXACTLY … Read More

Wheely exciting

I’ve never really recognised how similarly dread and excitement present physically. I’ve felt off kilter much of this week. You know that thing when you lie awake at night trying to work out what it is you’re worrying about? I’ve had to conclude that, infact, what is bothering me is excitement. Aside from the MAD Blog award shortlist fun (which I still can’t … Read More