Diagnosis Day – 6 years on

So it’s 2nd August.

Today it’s exactly 6 years since we received Mojo’s diagnosis & we were told that that our baby could not expect any quality of life.

This week back in 2011 I took refuge at my parents house. Propped against the wall that week, waiting to be hung up, was a picture given to my mum on her retirement from headship. It was created using the fingerprints of all the children at her school. The picture was of the sun.

It was one night of that week while I cried in sorrow for my beautiful baby that was never going to be, that my mum held me and told me that the sun would come up again.

Thus was born the blog.

Today Mojo and her Granny & her sister & I went swimming, ate ham sandwiches, decorated gingerbread men and had ice cream.

I walked past that picture of the sun this afternoon and as I did so I thought, gosh it must be almost the anniversary of that week, and then I realised the date, it was the exact anniversary.

How far we have come.

The sun really does always come up.

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