Swimming, Spaghetti and Sweating the Small Stuff

  Painting with my Granny & my Cousin I had a strange experience this week. I found myself sincerely worrying about something that had not yet happened and, were it to happen, would cause me, at worst, minor inconvenience and irritation. In short, I was worrying about something completely insignificant. It was only when the … Read More

Let’s face the Music!

There is something fundamentally emotive about music. It’s well known that babies respond to music in the womb. There is just something about a beat and a melody which captures us. The right song at the right time can evoke tremendously strong emotions. I’ve always been a fan of sound tracking my life. Anyone who lived … Read More

Swings, Roundabouts and other Cliches

I sometimes worry that my blog posts are a bit like those sympathy-vote back stories they do for X-Factor contestants. Not least because I find myself thinking of words like ‘rollercoaster’ and ‘journey’. Inescapable really but do feel free to pick me up on any excessive superlatives as I continue to keep you all updated. The last … Read More

Failure to Thrive

FTT is an acronym which has appeared on many a note about our girl and it stands for Failure To Thrive. There are many many MANY things I hate about the term. Dealing with the obvious one first, it can’t be a good thing, right? Everyone wants their children to thrive. The thing that gets me … Read More

Bring it on!

Back in the darkest days of our pregnancy I used to daydream about our baby, how she would be the exception to the rule and she would survive. If I allowed myself, I would imagine her coming home with us and being with us for Christmas. If I was getting really carried away I would … Read More

If today…

If today is the day that you get news which rocks the foundations of your world, if you find yourself dizzy with horror at how you will continue to function, then your today, is my yesterday or, more acurately, my one year ago today. In honesty I had forgotten that I’d started this blog almost … Read More

…or so I’ve been told

I wanted to call this blog something positive so I chose the piece of advice my mother gave me this weekend as I wept uncontrollably in her arms. I’m a positive person, always have been. I’m also undeniably ridiculously lucky, I have lived an easy, happy, healthy life surrounded by a family who love me. One night … Read More