Autumn is Coming!

September has always been one of my favourite times of the year. I love the contrast between the ending of summer and the possibilities of a new academic year. For a start as a huge fan of stationery and new shoes it’s a win all round on the shopping front. I love autumn, I love … Read More

Starting Special School – My Top Tips

As milestones go, this one is pretty spectacular. The chances are that if you are at the point of starting a special school you have already won a number of battles to get you there. When our daughter started a special school two years ago I was thrilled and terrified in equal measure. Mojo was … Read More

Diagnosis Day – 6 years on

So it’s 2nd August. Today it’s exactly 6 years since we received Mojo’s diagnosis & we were told that that our baby could not expect any quality of life. This week back in 2011 I took refuge at my parents house. Propped against the wall that week, waiting to be hung up, was a picture … Read More

Somebody that I used to know

It’s a theme that often comes up when talking to parents; identity. It can be bewildering enough with typical parenting but when your child has disabilities it’s a pretty dramatic lifestyle change. When a life that you would never, could never, have planned for is thrust upon you it challenges your sense of identity deeply. Not … Read More

‘The Yoga Mums’

When I was pregnant with Mojo I remember asking our consultant what I should do about NCT classes. He suggested, quite insightfully really, that I might find listening to other mum’s (perfectly legitimate) worries about birth, difficult in the circumstances. It would be easier to go it alone. So I did. I went it alone for a very long time … Read More

Father’s Day the SEND way

  Last night I wrote a blog post for the first time in weeks, I’ve been really struggling lately and it was a very honest account of that and of some bad news we had recently about more surgery for Mojo. As I usually do I asked my husband to read through before I published it. As … Read More

Thank you for the Music

I know that it won’t come as a huge surprise to anyone in possession of a toddler that the word ‘why’ is somewhat overused in this house of late. It’s a recent addition to our repertoire and continues unabated from sunrise to sunset. The basics I can manage, why do I have to eat this, … Read More

Anaesthetic Angst (Again)

My youngest is very two right now. Tantrums, disobedience, wanton boundary pushing, wilful destruction. She’s also simultaneously, infuriatingly adorable. At bedtime, when she is at her most adorable, she likes to talk about what is happening next, the next day, the next week, or more often the next party. So tonight when she asked me … Read More

Is that your final answer?

I recently took part in a parents evening for families who are going through the process of making the decision as to whether to send their child to mainstream school or special school. I was there to tell our story and highlight the factors which led us to choose special school for Mojo. It felt strange to … Read More

Who DOES that?

When Mojo first got her wheelchair it was so exciting. This small buggy like chair which was fitted to support her needs exactly. The length of each bone in her legs was measured, the exact angle to best support her difficult hip joint, the correct strap lengths to support without limiting her movements. It was a … Read More