Five years

Today Mojo is 5 years old. Five years since we waited, braced, terrified, hopeful, to meet our baby. Five years since you waited seven minutes to take your first breath. Five years since we were wheeled down the corridor of the maternity ward to applause. Five years since the night I lay awake in a side room … Read More

First Day of School

Today is a big deal. Today is Mojo’s first day of school. It’s not so much the practicalities of her being away from me because she has attended the pre-school full time since last Christmas. In Mojo’s eyes she is just going back to school with a new classroom and a new teacher. I know different though. … Read More

Independance Days

Currently in my (not enormous) kitchen I have five modes of child transport. FIVE In fact of you count the old one hidden in a cupboard you could make that six. There is so little floor space that making a brew or reaching the bin involves a crystal maze-esque feat of physical agility. Still I can’t bring … Read More

Yes I Can

Today is the 2nd August. The 5th anniversary of the day our lives were forever changed by Mojo’s diagnosis. I started to write a post that was a letter to myself five years ago. What would I want her to know? I couldn’t find the right words, I was going in circles. Part of me … Read More

The Hunger Game

One very normal Tuesday evening. Two adults and two children sat round a table and had dinner. They all ate, they all laughed, they all talked about their day. Not exactly ground-breaking family activity, right? But it was for us. There is something emotive about food. Nourishing your family. The association between food and love. Before Mojo had … Read More

Sugar Coated Dramas

Two things I hoped would never happen, happened this week. Firstly, I had my first ride in an ambulance and secondly I started a medical notes folder for my youngest daughter. The ambulance ride I always expected would happen one day. What I never considered was that it wouldn’t be Mojo I was cradling, but instead, my conventional, easy, healthy … Read More

Wedding words of wisdom

Should you ever find yourself researching raising children with disabilities, one of the first things you are likely to come across is an article by Emily Perl Kingsley called Welcome to Holland. It’s very well known, widely reproduced and generally accepted as an appropriate analogy for the unexpectedly tangential lives parents with complex children lead. The … Read More

Hospital Hangover

My head hurts. You know when you get to an age that hangovers last for three days and you are forced to adjust your boozing behaviours accordingly. A hospital hangover feels very much the same. Dehydration, exhaustion, nausea, dizziness and difficulty stringing a sentence together. There is also the added sense of injustice that all … Read More

Morning haze and zoo days

When Mojo wakes up in the morning she cries, little sobs to start with gaining strength the longer it takes us to reach her. It’s quite heartbreaking sometimes. I commented to my husband that I hate how it takes her so long to wake up properly in the morning. He laughed.  ‘She wakes up EXACTLY … Read More