Two’s Company

I thought it would be more confusing. I thought I’d feel divided, halved, conflicted. I couldn’t imagine how it would feel loving anyone in the same way I love Mojo. I thought Mojo would be confused, jealous, even cross. How could a child with a reasonably unquantifiable understanding of what was happening learn to share the limelight she has been bathed in … Read More

Diagnosis Day #3

Sometimes 2nd August 2011 feels like yesterday sometimes it feels like a million years ago. Either way the memories and emotions it evokes are the same. Staring at the grain of the wood of the table on which I laid my head after putting the phone down. Before the immediate shock wore off, before the … Read More

Bad Days, Good Days and Pregnancy Haze

The delay in updating the blog over the summer is simple. There have barely been two days together when life has been consistent enough to allow me to compose any sentient thoughts. It’s been a difficult year so far. It’s fair to say that since March Mojo has been ill on and off. General consensus is that … Read More

A Crisis About Confidence

We have entered unknown territory. This week was the second time we found ourselves sitting outside a sonographer’s room awaiting a 20 week scan. The first time it had been exciting, we were focussed entirely on the finding out whether our baby was a boy or a girl. That is what the 20 week scan is for, … Read More

Sibling Revelry

The relationship we have with our siblings is the longest standing one of our lives. They share our childhood, they are our first teachers and peers, early experiences with them teach us some of the basics of human interaction, sharing, kindness, empathy, humour, LOVE. I hasten to add that single children without siblings are not by any … Read More

If you’re happy and you know it!

I have a mental image of the mysterious ‘blood test lab’ at St George’s it’s underground and looks a bit like something in an episode CSI. I imagine a team of beautiful, lab-coated, bespectacled scientists sitting around an enormous back-lit glass table, heads in hands saying ‘For the love of God run it again, there is no way a … Read More

Fresh Eyes

Can you remember the last time you saw something which blew your mind? The last time you saw something which stunned you into a captivated silence? A time when you found yourself awestruck, heart pounding, body rigid with excitement. Can you remember feeling like this at all…ever? One of the purest pleasures in my life is watching Mojo … Read More